WS Group (Wheelsure Holdings PLC) is a technology business dedicated to successfully developing unique safety solutions that satisfy global needs across multiple industries. We are committed to:


  • Reducing fatalities and injuries through technological innovation

  • Improving both operational and cost-effectiveness for our customers

​Founded in 2003, we operate through our subsidiaries Tracksure Ltd and Wheelsure Ltd, winning several innovation awards for the excellence of our products. Our fastener technology is a perfect solution in the worldwide Transport, Energy, Marine and Defence industries where vibration loosening not only causes operational difficulties but can lead to public disasters.

Through innovative technologies, we are passionate about making the world safer by eliminating accidents that can be avoided using our products. Cost effectiveness and greater business efficiency is a secondary benefit that our clients can enjoy.

Unbeatable Benefits

  • Our Tracksure and Wheelsure products are proven to prevent unintentional nut loosening

  • Less risk with enhanced worker and passenger safety

  • Simplified maintenance regimes with improved operational efficiency 

  • Save millions in maintenance costs over the asset lifetime

The Leadership Team

John Allen
Interim Chairman
Gerhard Dodl
CEO & Managing Director
David Vile
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