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WS Group Global (Wheelsure Holdings PLC) is a technology business dedicated to successfully developing unique safety solutions that satisfy global needs across multiple industries. We are committed to:


  • Enhancing safety, for both the public and employees, through technological innovation

  • Improving both operational and cost-effectiveness for our customers

  • Doing all of the above in a sustainable and balanced way

​Founded in 2003, we operate through our subsidiaries Tracksure Ltd and Wheelsure Ltd, winning several innovation awards for the excellence of our products. Our fastener technology is a perfect solution in the worldwide rail industry , and can also be used in any sector where vibration loosening  causes operational difficulties (Renewables/Transport/Civil Engineering).

Through innovative technologies, we are passionate about making the world safer by eliminating accidents whilst driving increased cost effectiveness and greater business efficiency.

Unbeatable Benefits

  • Our Tracksure and Wheelsure products are proven to prevent unintentional nut loosening

  • Less risk with enhanced worker and passenger safety

  • Simplified maintenance regimes with improved operational efficiency 

  • Save millions in maintenance costs over the asset lifetime

The Leadership Team

John Allen
Interim Chairman
Gerhard Dodl
CEO & Managing Director
David Vile
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