Three-Way Collaboration to Develop Graphene Failsafe Locking Solution

The three-way collaboration will develop a new graphene locking solution that will benefit several industries.

WS Group has entered into a new three-way project with Haydale Graphene Industries plc and The University of Manchester’s Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre (GEIC), to develop an intelligent new product, pairing the nanochemistry of graphene with Wheelsure’s failsafe locking solution.

Ray Gibbs, President Business Development, Haydale, said: “We are delighted to bring our graphene materials knowledge to this project and work with Wheelsure and Manchester GEIC to produce a superior solution. The outcome will enable Wheelsure to market and sell its product worldwide across a range of applications that require a permanent ‘smart’ locking nut and bolt assembly.”

The GEIC is The University of Manchester’s second graphene-focused graphene facility with an industry-leading focus on commercialisation. James Baker, CEO of Graphene@Manchester said: “This latest partnership is a perfect example of our collaborative approach to graphene research and development across the technology readiness levels. By combining the expertise and capabilities of the University, Haydale Graphene Industries and Wheelsure, we can accelerate disruptive solutions to new and current markets.”

Gerry Mulder, Chairman of Wheelsure said: “We are very excited with this further development. It has long been our intention to progress and market an intelligent system to serve our world-renowned locking device. We are delighted that Haydale Graphene Industries plc and The University of Manchester have committed to join us in this inspiring venture.”

The collaboration will be produced ahead of the official opening of the #GEIC in December.

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