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Wheelsure Holdings Launch New Brand Marketing Strategy for 2018

Updated: Jun 15, 2018

Wheelsure Holdings plc have relaunched as WS Group as part of an exciting new brand strategy that aims to springboard latest developments with their new #technologies.

Wheelsure Holdings plc Launch New Marketing Strategy
Wheelsure Holdings plc Launch New Marketing Strategy

As the company prepares an exciting new range of products this summer, the brand marketing strategy, which involves an enhanced logo and all internal and external communications, will broaden exposure to new and existing markets.

WS Group Launch New Marketing Strategy
WS Group Launch New Marketing Strategy

The strategy also involves a modern, responsive website that is better optimised to represent the company's global presence, and social media will be used to broadcast the activity of WS Group's popular subsidiaries Tracksure Ltd and Wheelsure Ltd.

Gerhard Dodl, Chief Executive of WS Group and Managing Director of Tracksure Ltd, comments, "We are so excited about getting our message across. In terms of safety outcomes and cost efficiency combined, our clients know that our products are the best on the market. In anticipation of our new upcoming solutions, which we are elated to be launching soon, we are ready to spread the word far and wide to expand our global reach and partner up with even more major operators going forward."

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