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Our award-winning locking devices prevent unintentional nut loosening and offers infrastructure managers significant operational and cost benefits. They are suitable for any bolted joint which suffers from vibration loosening and/or settlement. Our Tracksure and Wheelsure product ranges provide simple, effective solutions that require no expensive capital equipment to install.


Unbeatable Benefits

  • Our products are proven to prevent unintentional nut loosening.

  • Less failure, less 'boots on ballast', enhanced worker and passenger safety.

  • Simplified maintenance regimes with improved operational efficiency. 

  • Save millions in maintenance costs over the asset lifetime. 

Tracksure Locking Device
Locking Devices

Our award winning, industry leading locking devices for track are used widely across the world and are recognised as the go-to safety product by all major rail operators.

Wheelsure Locking Device
Locking Devices

Our original range of wheel locking devices are popular throughout the UK and have been the staple products of our business for over fifteen years.

WS Group New Technology

Our revolutionary locking devices are always developing new technologies to bring customers the very best solutions for preventing nut loosening.


“With the ever-increasing demand for track availability and therefore shorter maintenance windows we knew that Tracksure would help us on the demanding check rail application.The product gives us peace of mind and we plan to extend their use to the complete network over time.”


—  Tom Mann, KAD Civil and Track Manager, Docklands Light Railway

Global Distribution

Our products are widely used throughout the UK, Spain, Italy, Holland, Hungary, Australia and North America. We are committed to working with specialist rail distributors and agents throughout the world and our partners are based in Spain, Italy, Holland, Hungary, Poland, Australia, US, Brazil, Canada and South Africa.

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