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Tracksure: Secure bolts for every rail application

The Tracksure Locking Device , featuring our unique and patented "reverse thread" locking system is offered in 3 product types:

  • The original Tracksure (pic left above and featured in the fitting video top of page), with the reverse thread added to the length of the bolt. This is available from M12-M72 and can be tailored for bespoke applications. This fastener cannot loosen through vibration and settlement.

    • Delivering enhanced safety ​

    • Improved and more cost-effective maintenance regimes

    • Sustainability through re-use

  • The brand new Tracksure Digital Fastener (TDF pic centre above); this product delivers exactly the same benefits but, in addition, allows for remote condition-monitoring of your critical assets

  • The brand new Tracksure Dual Thread (TDT pic right above); delivering the same benefits as the original, this product features our patented Dual-Thread technology and is designed for applications where bolt length may vary. It can also incorporate our Digital technology where required.


3 great products that can deliver for any track application.


  • A modified bolt with end reverse-thread, accommodating both the original nut and Tracksure locking nut.

  • A locking nut is applied onto the reverse thread until it tightens against the original nut.

  • A serrated steel locking cap pushes down over both the original nut and the Tracksure nut, which is held in place with a string clip.

  • If the original nut starts to loosen, even microscopically, the locking nut tightens on the reverse thread with the locking cover combining both actions, ensuring a failsafe bolt fixing.

The device is supplied for Brake Retarder Systems, Breather Switches, Crossings, Tightly Curved Track, Temporary Clamps and Joints, and Fishplates / Insulated Joints. Our product has been extensively tested and approved by many rail infrastructure companies throughout the world, as well as independently tested.





Further details of all testing, trial data and approvals including Junkers tests and Fraunhofer Institute are available by contacting us on +44 (0)1908 200737.

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