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The Wheelsure Locking Device is the original WS Group product, marking the beginning of our journey as pioneers in fastener technology. Our unique product is a fail-safe locking system that prevents unintentional bolt-loosening in HGVs, trucks, buses, carriers and military vehicles. It comes in two sizes, M22 and M18, fitting the majority of wheel hub assemblies and allows fleet operators to eliminate excessive torque maintenance regimes, freeing up manpower. 

Award Winning Design

The Wheelsure Locking Device maintains the clamp force achieved by torque procedure while simplifying the management of wheel maintenance and eliminating the opportunity for human error. The device is additional to the manufacturer’s standard bolt and nut; it does not replace either, but simply locks in place, achieving maximum clamp force.

  • A modified bolt with a reverse thread accommodates both the original nut and Wheelsure locking nut.

  • The reverse thread can be added externally (a) or internally (b) and is always a new modified bolt.

  • A locking stud or nut is applied using the reverse thread until it tightens against the original nut.

  • A serrated steel locking cap then pushes down over both the original nut and the Wheelsure nut or stud, thereby maintaining a secure fixing.

If the original nut should start to loosen, even microscopically, the locking nut or stud tightens against the original nut on the reverse thread with the locking cover combining both actions, ensuring a fail-safe bolt fixing.

The simplicity and effectiveness of our design has won a number of high profile awards, including the Brake’s Fleet Safety Forum ‘Vehicle Safety Invention Award’ 2004 and the UK Bus Awards ‘Technical Development Award’ 2005. It was also highly commended in the Vehicle and Plant Awards ‘Developments in New Technology’ category, 2005.

Tried & Tested

As well as the independent testing carried out on the Wheelsure Locking Device in 2004, tests were carried out in 2007 by the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany - Europe's largest organisation for applied research. Tests were carried on a Biaxial Wheel Test Machine (ZWARP), a well-known industry standard for many OEMs, the European Wheel Association (EUWA) and Society of Automotive Engineering (SAE).

The accelerated life testing carried out applies both vertical and lateral forces simultaneously to reproduce the road-like operational conditions that often cause wheel nut loosening. Comparative tests were also carried out using ordinary wheel nuts, which were retorqued both at the beginning and during the tests. However, the bolts fitted with the Wheelsure locking device were not retorqued at all.

The conclusions reached by the researchers were that “both for new as well as for used bolts the nut locking devices were proven to offer technical capabilities to prevent unintentional bolt loosening effectively even without retorque after initial loading,” and that the device “indicates a clear improvement compared to unlocked bolts.” Fraunhofer Institute.

Wheelsure products are truly unique and are already being specified and used by leading UK operators for whom wheel loss is a very real challenge. Further details of all testing, trial data and approvals are available by contacting us on +44 (0)1908 200737.

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